Discover How Local mom drops 62 heavy pounds and gains her life back!

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I am so excited and pleased with my results not just with my weight loss but with my energy levels and how easy it was. My confidence level is so high now I went sky diving out of my rst plane. I would highly recommend North Country Hypnosis to anyone


“So far, I have lost 77 pounds. I recommend this program very highly.” Ella Mae – Machine Operator

“I have lost over 90 pounds and changed my life.” Michael Poirier – Customer Service, Clay

“I have tried everything to quit smoking and failed. Hypnosis has made my goal of quitting a reality. I would highly recommend this service for whatever you want to overcome in your life.” Paula McCargar, Brasher Falls

“I no longer have intense cravings, I no longer drink soda.” Tina Keck – Massage Therapist,

I feel better, I move better, I can get on and up o¬f the foor.” Stephen Goodrich – Retired, Sackets Harbor

“I had gastric bypass, and I was sabotaging the surgery. Hypnosis helped achieve the things I wanted with my weight.” Jean Ferguson – Retired, Auburn

CONVENIENT LOCATION – You’ll be here easily with two turns o¬ Interstate.

EXPERIENCED, RELIABLE & LOCAL – As your neighbors for over 45 years and as the oldest hypnosis center in Upstate New York, you can trust us! You get programs which have been used successfully with thousands of clients.

RISK-FREE HYPNOSIS SCREENING – As a weight client, you get a free hypnosis screening!

PROFESSIONAL FACILITIES & INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION – You want a professional hypnotist providing individual sessions and custom programs, and that’s what you get

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weight loss hypnosis north country NY
weight loss hypnosis

My name is Nova Disotell, and I’ve lost 62 pounds in 5 months, and also dropped 6 dress sizes at North Country Hypnosis.

Can’t stop the vicious cycle?

Being overweight was awful, uncomfortable, and I was always second guessing myself. I had poor eating choices, not eating healthy foods, or at the right times. I certainly wasn’t drinking enough water.

It feels like life runs you down.

Being overweight made me feel unworthy of attention and a¬ ection. I was tired. I didn’t feel I had enough energy to do the things I wanted to. My self- talk wasn’t very nice. I didn’t feel I could lose the weight, or enough weight to make a di¬fference.

Hypnosis is the solution!

My lifestyle choices just seemed to change without even knowing. The weight just came o¬ , it was wonderful. I’m drinking more water, no more cravings.

My energy levels went through the roof! I would highly recommend North Country Hypnosis to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.

I feel so much better about myself! I enjoy shopping for new clothes and I feel comfortable in my own skin again! I am proud of myself in achieving and grateful I made the call to North Country Hypnosis.

The doctor notices too

Yes, my Doctor commented on my weight loss and asked what I had been doing. Hypnosis? Great! Keep up the great work you’re doing”

Enjoy eating healthy once again

Because of hypnosis my eating choices are healthy, I’m eating healthier foods, at the right times, no craving sweets and drinking lots of water. Now I can’t wait to eat healthy food and I taste everything more. I heard about North Country Hypnosis on the radio, then looked them up on Google and Facebook

Saved money by becoming thin

Their prices were extremely reasonable considering all the extra positive e¬ ects it’s had on my life. I’ve actually saved money becoming thin. My only regret is that I didn’t call sooner for a free screening.

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