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What Clients Say

"I would say to anybody who was heavy, who has a problem with weight... I've got the answer, and I can share it with you: It's North Country Hypnosis."

Inez Parker - Stage Director, Oswego


"I'm very grateful that I discovered North Country Hypnosis.  I'm so encouraged and happy."

Katherine Essenlohr - Retired, Brantingham


"I don't crave cigarettes even when others smoke around me."

Alexandra Eyle - Fitness Instructor, Watertown


"The first day I gave up soda; since, I've only drank water, with no cravings for soda."

Bobbi Simmons - Factory Worker, Hammond


"I have lost 20 pounds and 35 inches, with the confidence and self-help to continue this adventure."

Cindy Woodard - Retired, Clayton


"I lost 50 pounds in 4 months.  I feel a lot more energetic."

Charles Gray - Retired, Canton


"I have control over all of my decisions and do not allow others to alter or change my plans."

Shannon Gorman - LCSW, Sackets Harbor


“The program gave me what I really needed:  a change in my mindset, daily support and energy level.”

Mary T. Hebert - Retired Teacher, Heuvelton


"I haven't had the urge tosmoke since I saw you twenty years ago."

Bruce - Central Square


After using hypnosis, I definitely laugh more and am happier to be around"

Laurie Carnegie, LPN, Clayton


A very easy process, I now no longer have the cravings that I had before."

Steve Goodrich, retired, Sackets Harbor


"I love my new body and my new eating habits.  Absolutely amazing what North Country Hypnosis has helped me accomplish."

Craig Haines, Oswego


"With hypnosis I really freed myself from a great deal of underlying stress"

Leigh Dillenbeck, Designer, Clayton


"With hypnosis, I experience a renewal of who I really am.  I know now I can celebrate that."

Laurie Gilmore, Professor, Cazenovia


"I will admit I had doubts at first but after seeing the results i am amazed of how hypnosis can help people.  I would recommend this program to my friends and family."


"I won my long battle with soda: I have drank only water the last eight weeks with no cravings for soda."

Bobbi Simmons, Factory Worker, Hammond


"Without hypnosis, I would not be on the way to a new me."

Trina Narrow, Evans Mills


"Hypnosis is a wonderful experience and the best help for your health."

Sharon Larobardiere, Parish


"After learning to eat right & making better choices through hypnosis, I have more energy and my medical problems are under control."

Leslie Corbo, Pulaski


"Before hypnosis I wasn't confident.  It felt as though I was trapped in a little glass box.  I felt fat and ugly.  Now that I have been going with hypnosis, I feel so much better about myself and continue to improve myself.  I have developed tools that I use daily."

Kathleen Aschmann, Theresa


"It's like the hypnosis installed willpower in me... the weight is melting away as if I were showering!"

Aleata Leete, Lacona


"I now know how to change my way of eating as well as my way of thinking thanks to hypnosis."

Laura Denny, Pulaski


"With hypnosis, I am able to control my eating and am able to maintain my diet and exercise plan.  I know that this is a permanent change for me."

Sue Bullock, Brewerton


"This program has changed my diet, the way I think.  My family sees a difference in the way I quiet everyday problems."

Bonnie Tebo, Harrisville


"I hope many others like me will try this program and realize their potential to be a healthy thin person."

Michelle Ederer, Altmar


"After 53 years, I quit in one session. It feels good not being hooked."  

Elaine Leimer of Bridgeport, NY


"I had been fat my whole life. Although there was heart disease in my family, I was in denial that it could happen to me..."

Mike Poirier of Clay, NY


“I have lost a total of 21 inches off my measurements and feel healthier, happier and more enthusiastic about life than I have in years. What I’ve learned here will help me with every aspect of my life and because of this program I will be fit enough and healthy enough to enjoy it to the fullest. This program is unquestionably the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

Jeanne Joslyn, Hypnotist, Fayetteville


“After just one visit I have experienced huge relief from severe anxiety and PTSD. I am so glad I gave hypnosis a try. I’ve had more progress in one session then in the past five years of traditional counseling.”

Gwendolyn Bradshaw, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Syracuse


I ate junk food, bad breakfasts, big lunches, and bigger dinners. No wonder they called me Big Mike. Alternative Hypnosis gave me control. It made me think like a thin person"

Mike Poirier - Customer Relations Manager, Clay


"Alternative Hypnosis made my change of lifestyle the easiest thing I've ever done.  Hypnosis feels just wonderful.  This has truly been the best thing that has ever happened to me!"

Leslie Goldwitzer - RN, Syracuse


"I feel I have control over my eating, health and well-being.  I believe that I have taken control of my life."

Jodi Benjaminson - Psychotherapist, Syracuse


"In just one week, I've been able to feel control of my eating and my life.  After my first session, I lost all of my need to eat in moments of stress."

Robert A. Fiacco - Sales manager, Brewerton


"I've lost 43 pounds and I'm still losing weight.  It's improved my self-esteem."

Ann Barbagallo - Restaurant Manager, East Syracuse


"45 pounds and 47 inches of fat in 4 months.  It's like the hypnosis installed willpower in me.  The weight is melting away as if I were showering."

Aleata Leete - RN, Lacona


"I have been amazed at the process!  I never thought I would not want to eat sugary foods, drink soda, or eat late at night."

Gary Zaino - Pizza Shop Owner, Frankfort


"Hypnosis taught me to change my way of eating without feeling hungry or deprived."

Susan L. Black - Weedsport


"My mental state is always upbeat because this form of weight loss has been the easiest thing I've ever done."

Anne Zysk - Office Nurse, Syracuse


"I was able to pinpoint my anxiety - something I coudn't do in therapy - and with the help of Josh I've had amazing results."

Meghan Burns - Legal Assistant, Syracuse


"After 3 short weeks, I am sleeping through the night for the first time in many years and haven't had the urge to eat during the night."

Ro Bartolo - Finance, Syracuse


“North Country Hypnosis helped my WHOLE life. I recommend them for weight loss and other purposes, like smoking and stress.”

Sue of Syracuse, NY


“I lost 45 lbs. in 2005 and kept it off!!! I used to call myself Porky Petunia. Now, people at work are doing double takes and paying compliments that are wonderful to hear.”

Robyn of Syracuse, NY


“I had been fat my whole life. Although there is heart disease in my family, I was mostly in denial that I could die from obesity…”

Mike of Syracuse, NY


"Hypnosis is the most relaxed I've ever been and I'm so proud of myself!"

Susie Reeder, Fort Drum

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