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Quit smoking Quit smoking Quit smoking Quit smoking

Quit The Habit - FOR GOOD

Benefit from our experience to work towards living a smoke-free life! Over 45 years ago, we established our reputation with smoking cessation. Since then, thousands of smokers and other nicotine users have been enabled to quit the habit - FOR GOOD.

What We Offer

What you will get at North Country Hypnosis is not just a quick hypnosis treatment, a handshake, and advice to come back again! What distinguishes your program here is its comprehensiveness, the expectation of success, and its lifetime service guarantee (meaning we are always available to you for FREE follow-up visits for life.)


(Who Should Come Here):

You should ONLY COME TO NORTH COUNTRY HYPNOSIS FOR SMOKING CESSATION if you are SERIOUS ABOUT QUITTING and if you want a high-quality, comprehensive, high-speed approach. If you’re taking a trip, coordinate your travel reservations with us, so that you can leave within a few hours after the end of your smoking cessation appointment.

After hours appointments available upon request 315-432-1514

What You Get

Once accepted, you will get an exclusive, individualized and noninvasive type of hypnotism, which is delivered in a safe, clinical atmosphere and in a professional manner.


If you get accepted into the program, your exclusive service guarantee includes a FREE guarantee of follow-up visits for life and a personalized hypnosis recording to reinforce the changes that you wish to keep permanent.

Smoking Cessation

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